Vescovini Group has always pursued the vertical integration of all processes and currently it is one of the exceptional that has the control of every phase of the production process within its structures, including the heat and chemical treatment of steel, the forging, the tools production, the heat and surface treatments of screws and nuts, the sorting and the packaging processes.



In this plant we treat the surface of the steel wire rod and remove the layer of surface oxide in order to prepare it for the forging operation. This plant supplies with pickled wire rod also our factories in Milan and Sabač (Serbia).



These plants are necessary to arrange for the heat treatment of the steel wire rod before forging process in order to render the wire rod more malleable.
The 5 modern Ebner annealing furnaces have a capacity of 35,000 tons per year and thanks to the most modern technologies, guarantee the almost total absence of decarburization , that could jeopardize the features of the final product.


Forging department

In the factories of Monfalcone, Sabač and Milan there are over 150 cold-forming lines with 4, 5 and 6 stations which are among the most modern on the market.


Heat treatment department

The heat treatment department in Monfalcone is equipped with 10 heat treatment lines, with 9 Aichelin with a capacity between 1,500 and 2,000 kg/h.
All lines are operated automatically and all oven furnaces are equipped with a monitoring system to supervise all heat treatment’s parameters.
Once the product has been heat treated these parameters are kept in our data processing system for the next five years.


Surface treatment department: galvanic / phosphating

Among few world’s production realities, Monfalcone plant is able to realize most of customer’s required surface finishes.
Phosphating and galvanic lines have respectively a capacity of 10,000 and 15,000 tons per year and are equipped to make any type of top / coat lubricant requested by customers.


Surface treatment department: Zinc-lamellar plants

Monfalcone plant has four zinc lamellar lines where zinc lamellar finishes of the main world’s manufacturers (NOF, DOERKEN, MAGNI) are applied.


Packaging department

In the packaging department of Monfalcone plant there are 6 packaging lines capable of realizing any type of packaging requested by the customer.


100% sorting department

In the sorting department operate a large number of automatic lines, which are able to sort 300,000 pieces per day for critical applications in the automotive sector that require a defect level below 20 ppm.

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